Thursday, November 8, 2012


People assume all sort of stuffs about girls from an All Girls School (AGS). Most of them are ridiculous. Stereotypes- don’t even get me started on them. While some are true, most are not, here is a list of things girls from an AGS experience (read suffer) exclusively-

1)      You are either a –
            i)                    School slut/desperate chick/bimbo (the girl with slutty-half-opened-I-am-dreamy eyes. Their                         biggest problem in life- not getting their eye-liner straight).
            ii)                   Boy shy (definition: a girl who starts hyperventilating if any male specie gets within 2-feet                               radius of them).
            iii)                 Holier than thou (yes, the girl who is perfect in academics, sports, cultural shit. While praising                         them you are bound to get a reply “I could have done so much better.” I think that’s what                             being grateful is  all about).
            iv)                 The girl who got pregnant (every AGS has one).

2)      You might be branded a lesbian by others just because you “disappeared” one lunch break and your BFF was suspiciously MIA too. What they might not know is you were probably crying in that break, and no one other than your best friend would have had the guts to handle that sight. (cheers BFF!!!!)

3)      Your teachers think all of you are desperate for boys.

4)      The girl species will always baffle you way more than the male species ever could.

5)      Tell your college friends you were from an AGS, the first question they ask is “So are you a lesbian?” (what they actually mean: now we understand why you are sucha god damn freak)

6)      Your guy friends automatically assume your girl-friends are hot. And guess what, they always are! Ha ha.

7)      You silently curse your parents for putting you in this school. Later, you thank them when you realize how hopeless guys are. Thoughts of becoming a nun start renting space in your mind.

8)      You don’t care about how icky, itchy or non-girly you are in school cause there’s no one to impress.

9)      You don’t care how girly your screams are in school cause there’s no one to impress.

10)   All the guys who later enter your life are seen through two lenses-
          i)                    Boyfriend/crush
          ii)                   Brother (the just-friend lens doesn't exist for you. Don’t lie.)

11)   Its expected of you to have pillow fights at your sleepover.

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